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Rock Thomas went from needing money to a successful real estate business.  How did he do it so quickly?  By finding someone who was exactly where he wanted to be, and finding out how they did it.  Then he created his own path using techniques that someone already taught him.

He now not only does real estate, but has a successful seminar and mastermind business, where he teaches others to get to the seven-figure mark. 

His story is truly an inspiration, and he teaches how to find your own path, while not re-inventing the wheel, and how to stay motivated, even when things might not be going as you hoped.

To connect with Rock, visit:

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Jess Bahr is back, and this time we're talking Pinterest Ads, and why you shouldn't be ignoring them for your business.  In this podcast we go into the hows and whys of using them, and how to get the most from them in your business.


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In today's online world starting a service based business can feel like a pretty simple task.  However, most people get in and find it's not quite as easy as they think.

Maggie and Brittany of Scoop Industries specialize in helping service-based companies grow.  They were kind enough to come by and give some tips and tricks for getting your service-based business discovered, and how to put the systems in place to grow!

You can learn more about Scoop Industries at

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Kasia Johnson of Merge Forward, helps some of today's biggest brands with their branding and marketing. We've had several conversations about branding, and what it really means for businesses. Yes, it's so much more than a logo, however, it also doesn't need to be the extensive crazy expensive thing that we all think of when we think of companies like Apple. Even if you're a solo shop, there are small things you can do now that make a huge difference in how your business is perceived by the world.

Learn more about Kasia at

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Last year I ventured into my first live event, knowing absolutely nothing about doing one. I can't tell you it went off without a hitch, however, it was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. I had no idea what would be on the other side for myself and my business by doing one.

I share why I did one, the ins and outs of putting one together, and some basics you should know as to how to make this work for your business. For more info on my event visit:

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Afton Negrea works with some of today's biggest online brands, and she's teaching us how they utilize their networks and the power of social media to catapult their businesses. We're covering three tips that you can use right now to start getting people flocking to your business, simply by making a few small tweaks in the things you're already doing.

And in true Afton form, she's giving us some amazing tips and resources to help make your business life even easier. You can find more about Afton at

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I can speak from experience when I say writing a book can be a huge game changer in your business. It immediately positions you as an expert and shines a completely different light upon you. It can seem like a daunting task, and that's why I wanted Morgan of Paper Raven Books to talk about how to break down the process and use this to leverage your business.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to be strategic with your book.
  • How to get the thoughts from your head to a book format
  • How to market your book 
  • How and why to think long term

P.S. Have you bought my book yet? If not, grab it now!

Morgan offers some of her best advice here: 12 Steps to Write a Book that Builds Your Business & Boosts Your Platform (even if you're "not a writer"):

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Let's be honest, Snapchat got a bad reputation. Between inappropriate pictures and strange filters, it was the app made just for teenagers.

Then marketers got a hold of it.

Now it can be a great tool for your business, but let it be known it might not be the right medium for all businesses.

Before you close down the potential for this app, make sure you listen to what Jed Record has to say about how you can utilize this tool for your business.

Check out JedRecord at:

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Have you ever found yourself really excited about something, only to eventually talk yourself out of doing it with questions like 'who the hell are you?'  'Why would you think about doing something like this?' Or a statement of 'you're crazy to believe this will work.'

The good news is that you're not crazy.  We all have that inner voice talking us out of greatness and doing amazing things.  There's just a difference between people who succeed and those who don't.  Those who succeed have learned to turn off the voice.

Coach Jennie, has named this inner voice 'Hilda', and she's been using her with her coaching clients for years.  She has now published a book that talks about the four types of Hilda-isms that we seem to tell ourselves the most.  

You can grab your copy here --> Copy of Hilda

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Many companies don't focus marketing efforts on Pinterest because they feel it might not be the best fit for their business.

However, Jess Bahr, of, gives me so many reasons why you shouldn't be ignoring this social platform. It's almost as if Pinterest is the best of Facebook and Google all in one.

Jess breaks down how to utilize this amazing platform for your business, and tells us how to get the best results for not just getting a pin up, but making it last for months! You're leaving money on the table if you're not using Pinterest in your business yet, and Jess gives us a ton of reasons why.

Also, be sure to join us in our amazing community over at


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